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Alexander Monro Lectures on Anatomy and Surgery, 1801-1802

This manuscript notebook belonged to an Edinburgh University student, and is comprised of lectures notes taken at the anatomy and surgery lectures of Professors of Anatomy, Alexander Monro, secundus (1733-1817) and Alexander Monro, tertius (1773-1859). From 1797 the father and son held a joint professorship and split course lectures. Monro, tertius is said to have been uninspiring anatomist and teacher, unlike his father and grandfather, Alexander Monro, primus (1697-1767) who founded Edinburgh Medical School. The progenitor of the Monro medical dynasty was John Monro (1670-1740), Boxmaster then Deacon of the Incorporation of Surgeons, who also played a role in founding the Medical School with his son. 

As a part of this 480 page notebook there are anatomical illustrations from various artists, in addition to sketches by the notebook’s author, an often rare inclusion in notebooks of that period.


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