Henry Hamilton (b.c.1670), RCSEd (1700), DRCSEd (1704–1706 & 1710–1712)

Henry Hamilton

  • Roll Number
  • 128
  • Surname
  • Hamilton
  • Forenames
  • Henry
  • Date of Admission
  • 11th June 1700
  • Surgeon Database
  • Fellow
  • Other Information
  • Henry Hamilton who was the son of Sir Robert Hamilton, a Senator of the College of Justice.,owned a ‘dwelling house and foreshop’ in a new tenement on the north side of the High Street, opposite Blackfriars Wynd.

    He was Librarian from 1702 to 1704 and took part in the second public anatomy demonstration, discoursing on ‘the hair, teguments, dura and pia mater, cerebrum, cerebellum, medulla oblongata and nerves within the head’.

    He was Deacon of the Incorporation from 1704 to 1706 and again from 1710 to 1712.

    In 1705, he complained to the Town Council that ‘Master James Sutherland, keeper of the Colledge and Physick Gardens, was very much defective in his duty as to teaching Chirurgeon-apprentice the Science of Botany, which was a considerable part of his employment’. It was just after this that the appointment was made of Dr Preston whose early morning classes kept the apprentices, as well as the youngest masters, such as Robert Geddes, from their masters' shops.

    In 1706, he was paid £127.15 Scots ‘for performing several cures and furnishing medicines to the town's Company’, with seven guineas for his ‘accidental cures’!

    In 1710, he was a candidate for Parliament but the Lord Provost, Sir Patrick Johnston, was elected ‘by plurality of votes’ to represent the City.
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