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Lantern Slides of First World War Field Hospital and Notes on Wound Treatment

This case of glass lantern slides depicts a British field hospital on the Eastern Front (probably) in Serbia, during World War One. Depicted are doctors, nurses, orderlies, the wounded and soldiers. Some images also show local civilians and also Serbian army officers. Other slides show surgical conditions in a field hospital, and nurses around the camp, and others show methods of transporting the wounded by horse. Includes 9 glass slides about wound treatment, field hospital preparations for a British attack, and the challenges of camp life.

Unfortunately we have very little information on this set of slides, although we believe a number of the individuals were connected with the Scottish Women's Hospitals for Foreign Service. One slide shows the Scottish Women's Hospital 'Edith Cavell' Memorial Glasgow X Ray ambulance. The first X Ray ambulance from Glasgow was sent to Serbia in 1916 (and later Salonika in Greece) so this could be that vehicle, and over the course of the war, four SWH units were sent to Serbia. However, notes refer to the 'Vardar wind' - described as a cold northwesterly wind blowing from the mountains down to the valleys of Macedonia. There is also a reference to 'Karasouli" marked on a container.  As such, while we believe the images were likely taken in Serbia, it is also possible they depict neighbouring Macedonia or Salonika.

If you recognise the location, individuals or indeed field ambulance unit we would love to hear from you!