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Orderlies and Civilians at Outdoor Kitchen
Dr Elsie Inglis Tending to a Patient in Reni
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Orderlies and Civilians at Outdoor Kitchen

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Date 1915
Location Probably Troyes
Description Scottish Women's Hospitals were established in France to receive casualties from the Western Front, under the direction of the French Red Cross. The first SWH unit to be established was located in Calais from November 1914 to support the Belgian army after a typhoid epidemic broke out). Further SWH hospitals were set up in Royaumont Abbey, (Hôpital Auxiliaire 301), Troyes and Villers-Cotteret .

Following the success of Royaumont, another unit was established near Troyes, however this one was tented. Money was raised by the Cambridge women's colleges Newnham and Girton (hence the Girton & Newnham Unit) and the unit arrived at Troyes in May 1915, headed by Dr Anne Louise McIlroy and Dr Laura Sandeman. Living quarters for staff was at the Chateau of Chanteloup, which also had space in the grounds for tents to accommodate 200 patients. This hospital camp was short lived as the unit and was sent east to Salonika later in 1915 with the French Expeditionary Force.
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